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Statistics relevant to organized stalking.


You may be a victim of organized stalking if:

You may be a victim of electromagnetic harassment if:


Frequently Asked Questions about organized stalking.


Affidavit by activist attorney reports that the (U.S.) National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) estimates that 10% of their stalking calls are about organized group stalking. 10% means *thousands* of calls per *month*!


The following videos cover nanotechnology, a prominent part of which is Morgellon's disease:

CIA FBI Mind Control - February 2012

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life

Netherlands CDC Morgellons

Finally! ... a mainstream study refutes the nonsense position of mainstream medicine that Morgellons disease is "self-inflicted" or indicates mental illness.

Title: Association of spirochetal infection with Morgellons disease, January 28, 2013


Police acknowledge "gang" stalking (alternate name for organized stalking) on TV for the FIRST TIME! (January 2011)

MP4 version for carrying this helpful video with you in your video MP3 player.

MP3 AUDIO ONLY version for carrying the audio track with you in your audio-only MP3 player.

Flyer, featuring police officer speaking on TV, with a quote from the video.

More stills like the one above, "slide show" format.
Videos from which the above slide show was taken

Second organized stalking video, Florida
(As of January 9, 2009)

COINTELPRO video. The U.S. government (FBI) COINTELPRO operations in the 1960s were carried out against activists and others who opposed the Viet Nam war and other government activities. COINTELPRO provided the template for current day organized stalking. COINTELPRO isn't "theory," it was investigated by Congress and fully admitted to by FBI officials in the 1970s.

Video about the Milgram experiment. This experiment illustrated how easy it is to recruit people willing to torture others.

"Invisible Machine", a History Channel documentary about high energy electromagnetic weapons development

Google video on the life of activist Bill Cooper

History Channel's "That's Impossible" show about 'mind control.' Mind control is part of the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment (but not all electronic harassment is about controlling the target's mind. Much is just plain electronic assault, such as sleep deprivation.)

Video showing an in-community version of the Milgram obey-authority-figure experiment.

Barrie Trower speaks on microwave radiation and it's effects on biological organisms and microwave's potential for silently assaulting people. Keep in mind that a simple weaponized microwave oven is available to everyone.

End of America, a presentation by Naomi Wolf, highlighting the numerous human rights crimes committed by recent U.S. administrations, and documents who these crimes are a perfect replica of what has happened in the past in countries, such as Germany, where dictatorships were solidifying their power.

CNN 1985 report on the development of "directed energy weapons" which included/includes anti-personnel weapons capable of disrupting mind and body functions. Reporter: Chuck DeCaro

"Who is Elisa Lam - Part 1", a video about energy weapons.

Note: Because electronic harassment devices can affect the mind, and because there is a history in North America of government "mind control" experimentation, some targets refer to the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment as "mind control." That's what "mc" in "mcactivism" represents. In fact OS/EH is largely covert assaults other than "mind control." Resource info for people who are targeted.

A site for activism, advocacy and networking for people who are targeted by organized stalking and electronic harassment.

Article, "Motives for Mind Control," by Dr. Allen Barker. If that link doesn't work, using INTERNET EXPLORER, you can read the article here.

BOOKS, a concise e-booklet, written for the unaware public, about organized stalking, including some of the through-wall electronic technology which is available and could be used by organized stalkers. Download printable version, or read in your browser.

Book review: "My Life Changed Forever", by Elizabeth Sullivan. An exceptionally well-written testimonial, available on

Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, a review of this book by Eleanor White


The Milgram experiment, in which experiment subjects were very easily persuaded to administer electric shocks of several hundred volts to a person seated in an adjacent room, who was not visible to the experiment subject giving the shocks. The ease by which experimentees were persuaded to administer shocks illustrates the ease with which organized stalkers are recruited.

"Lucifer Effect" web site, a site explaining processes by which nominally "good" people can be severely corrupted., the web site of (Canadian) west coast activist Kevin Annett, who works on social justice causes, one being what the site calls "the genocide of the aboriginal peoples." Kevin is aware of organized stalking., a web site describing the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment.

MindTech Sweden


Dr. Rebecca Carley show "What's Ailing America," hour 1, January 17, 2009
Dr. Rebecca Carley show "What's Ailing America," hour 2, January 17, 2009
In the above 2-hour show, Dr. Carley discusses organized stalking and electronic harassment with Eleanor White and Debbie Newhook
Three organized stalking targets, CHLY 101.7 FM, Nanaimo BC Canada Hosted November 28, 2007 by Raymond Geisler. In-studio interview with 2 targeted individuals, David Smith and Debbie Newhook. Targets are people under surveillance, and could be suffering from various electronic harassment, and/or being stalked by organized stalking groups. The guests requested that the host play as an introduction to tonights complex topic, (one that gets near zero media coverage), part of a radio interview with another target, Julianne McKinney, on Greg Szyzmanski's radio show from April 2006,
Alternate archive link:
Station link:
Raymond Geisler's web site:

Target James Walbert's court order banning defendant's use of directed energy harassment against him, in Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA (article date July 1, 2009)

Official organized stalking in the United Kingdom, Daily Mail Online article of June 26, 2009. (Click here if the above link doesn't work - this is a type MHT file, may require Internet Explorer to open.)

CHLY radio, July 28, 2010
In studio interview with three Targeted Individuals, Debbie Newhook-Nanaimo BC Canada, David Smith-Gabriola Island BC, Carmen Markey-White Rock BC. TI's are people under surveillance and could be suffering from various electronic torture procedures, and/or being stalked. Topics include: organized stalking, implants, energy weapons, mind control.
Downloadable MP3 version

August 18, 2010 - The broadcast they don't want you to hear: Kevin Annett's final message

August 24, 2010 - Targets Deb, Carmen and Kim appear on a three hour show hosted by Joe McNeil, of the Micro Effect Network, presenting the organized stalking and electronic harassment crime to the Micro Effect listeners.

Deb Newhook on Michael Herzog's "American Awakening" show. NOTE: The audio is clipped where Michael changed the topic - you will hear all OS-related discussion on this audio file.

Hour 1: Deb Newhook, Jan 15/11
Hour 2: Kevin Proteau, Jan 15/11
Deb Newhook and Kevin Proteau describe their entry and experiences as organized stalking/electronic harassment targets in western Canada, on the Govern America show, hosted by Darren Weeks, on the Republic Broadcasting Network.

A two hour interview, February 17, 2011, first hour, Dr. John Hall, DO, an activist working to expose organized stalking and electronic harassment, and second hour, Robert Duncan, BA, MA (computer science,) MBA, an experimenter attempting to solve the technology issues relating to the OS/EH crimes.

March 1, 2011 Hearing, public input session, by the U.S. Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, held in Washington DC, Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2011. Almost all members of the public heard at that ~50 minute session were organized stalking/electronic harassment targets. In case the above link fails, try these backup versions:

Windows Media Video (~148 megs)
MP3 Sound Track Only

Stalking is Everywhere, Including Indian Country

Deb Newhook on KPFK Pacifica radio, 90.7 FM, June 16, 2011, interviewed by host Eben Rey

Deb Newhook and Eleanor White describe organized stalking and electronic harassment on host Rayelan Allan's radio show, carried on The Micro Effect Internet radio network, August 4, 2011:

Hour 1, Eleanor's intro
Hour 2, Deb's story
Hour 3, Both, discussion

Deb and Eleanor White on Erin Dakins' webcast, September 8, 2011.

Deb and attorney Keith Labella on the RJ Hender "Morning Liberty" show on the Micro Effect radio network, September 20, 2011.

Deb on Rayelan Allan's show, hosted by Eben Rey, November 28, 2011.


100 U.S. Patents relating to the interaction between electromagnetic signals and the body.


How easy it is to hide the crime of organized stalking from public view.


Contact Deb Newhook: dbnewhook at yahoo dot ca

More photos of Deb's car signs


JUNE 2013: Video "Who is Kevin Annett?"
Kevin's web site:

MAY 2013: PRE-PUBLICATION REPORT: "Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance"

NSF/DOC-sponsored report

Backup copy of above link


This youtube video illustrates how corrupt the entire world has become. By comparison, organized stalking and electronic harassment seems not hard to believe at all.


Canada's C-51 Law May Outlaw 60% of Natural Health Products; Big Pharma Pushing to Criminalize Supplements

On-demand broadcast on this issue

Text of article on this subject

Natural Health Product Protection Association
#2 - 953 Laval Crescent
Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5P4
Phone: 250 377 4930
Fax: 250 377 4990


Cutting Through Bill C-36 Propaganda

Note that the latest assault on health freedom, Bill C-36, allows administrative bureaucrats, Health Canada for example, to issue decrees, and enter Canadians' homes to search for these unilaterally banned products, confiscate them, without recourse to impartial and open courts. This is a dramatic change from the past, where a government agency had to satisfy a court that illegal activity required a search warrant and confiscation of property. Once this precedent has been set, it is likely to be extended to all government agencies.

This type of administrative "fourth branch of government" activity is essentially what is happening right now to targets of organized stalking - their homes are entered, and their property destroyed or confiscated with no recourse to the courts.


Enemies of the State also explores the targeting of possible 'subversives' today and asks what kinds of lists might exist that the Canadian public doesn't know about.


Former Manitoba AG on secret internment list


A Question of Sovereignty, video

Quote: "In this patriotic and sentimental film, international award winning Writer/Director Kevin P. Miller GENERATION RX, WE BECOME SILENT) exposes how Canadians are being stripped of their personal sovereignty by government agencies - and how free trade deals and other international agreements imperil Canadian democracy." (Some would say "destroy" rather than "imperil.")

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